Why Prema got divorced?

Prema and her former husband had several issues in their marriage, which led to divorce. She had married businessman Jeevan Appachu in 2006 and they filed for divorce in 2016. There were also rumours in 2013 that she was suffering from cancer. However, back then, she assured her fans that she is fit and fine.

Is Prema Narayan married?

Personal life. She is married to Rajiv, a lawyer.

How old is Prema Narayan?

67 years (April 4, 1955)Prema Narayan / Age

Is Prema divorced?

Prema’s first marriage Prema NC has done over 70 films in Kannada and Telugu languages, but she took an 8 year-long hiatus from films when she got married to IT Industrialist Jeevan Appachchu in 2006. Following this, she filed for divorce in 2016 and separated from Appachchu thereafter.

What is actress Prema doing now?

Prema got married to an IT industrialist Jeevan Appachchu in 2006. After the marriage, she kept herself away from the films and was busy in her family life. After 10 years, she got separated from her husband in 2016. Since then she is living with her family.

What happened to Prema Kannada actress?

Post her marriage in 2006, Prema cut down on her film assignments. In 2017 she made her comeback with Upendra Matte Baa. Her last release was Shishira in 2009. She has, thus far, acted in more than 70 movies in Kannada and more than 28 movies in Telugu.

How old is Prema?

45 years (January 6, 1977)Prema / Age

What is the age of Lovely Star Prem?

46 years (April 18, 1976)Prem Kumar / Age

Who is Prema father?

Actor Neravanda Prema’s father Neravanda Chetticcha (75), passed away on Monday. His final rites were performed at the farm belonging to the family, at Kumbaladalu village, near Murnad, in Madikeri taluk. A native of Kumbaladalu village, Chetticcha was living in Bengaluru.