Can you make custom snow globes?

Yes, you CAN make a custom snow globeā€¦

What company makes snow globes?

designs and manufactures custom snow globes made in glass, plastic and resin. Gouda designs and molds custom scenes for custom snow globes.

What are those snow globes called?

A snow globe (also called a waterglobe, snowstorm, or snowdome) is a transparent sphere, traditionally made of glass, enclosing a miniaturized scene of some sort, often together with a model of a town, landscape or figure.

How do you put a picture in a snow globe?


  1. Use a sturdy glass jar with a lid that fits tightly.
  2. Choose and waterproof your pictures.
  3. Select a variety of small seasonal items to include in the snowglobe.
  4. Attach the items to the inside of the lid.
  5. Add liquid to the snow globe jar and add glitter (optional).
  6. Test and reseal as needed.

What does a snow globe symbolize?

In modern culture, snow globes often symbolize childhood, innocence, or so-called “happy days”. However, they are also sometimes used, with dark humor, to evoke more gruesome scenes.

Can snow globes freeze?

Snow globes do contain anti-freeze and are capable of resisting freezing for about 4-6 hours, in very low temperatures. We have seen them freeze before though, so please do be vigilant with delivery in these situations.

Are snow globes toxic?

Most of us have snow globes in our homes, they are popular gifts to give especially during the holidays, but they are often found on shelves year round. What most people don’t realize is that snow globes are filled with a toxic chemical called ethylene glycol, which is the main ingredient in antifreeze.

How do you waterproof photos in a snow globe?

Grab a laminating sheet and use it to seal the picture. Place the photo on the laminating sheet, heat to seal and then cut out. When you’re cutting the edges, leave a sealed edge around all the images to prevent the water inside the globe from ruining the image.

How do you make snow globe photo ornaments?


  1. Open a laminating sheet and trace the printable template circles on it. You can fit about 4 per sheet.
  2. Paint one side near the bottom for the snow.
  3. Cut out the image of the child (cut close with no background).
  4. Punch a hole in the top for string.
  5. Give as a gift or hang on the Christmas tree!

What do you put in a homemade snow globe?


  1. Put glue on the inside of the jar’s lid. Place and stick your child’s plastic figurine on it.
  2. Fill the jar with cold water.
  3. Add 1-2 teaspoons of glitter and stir.
  4. Add a few drops of glycerin.
  5. Screw the lid on the jar. You can glue it if you’re concerned about your child trying to open it.
  6. That’s it!