Does Juice Plus use organic ingredients?

We use organic produce whenever possible. I’m happy to hear that they use organic produce whenever possible, but with that statement it doesn’t seem like they are able to use it 100% of the time, even though they do say they do testing to make sure pesticides aren’t found in their products.

Are the the Juice Plus is organic?

Many of the fruits and vegetables featured in Juice Plus+, while not certified organic, are grown using natural methods to control weeds and insects. But importantly, you don’t need to be certified organic to have assurance of purity.

What is wrong with Juice Plus?

Concerns have been raised that the nutrients in Juice Plus+ capsules may not be bioavailable or effectively absorbed by the human body, and that some of the nutrients claimed to be in the products may not be present in significant amounts.

Is Juice Plus soy based?

First, let’s talk about the protein. As with most things, quality is as important as quantity. Juice Plus+ features 13 grams of high-quality plant-based protein from minimally processed soy, chickpeas, peas, and rice.

What is the Juice Plus capsule made of?

Most omega products are made from fish oil, but Juice Plus+ is committed to providing the best in plant-based nutrition, so our Omega Blend is different. It’s a balanced, cold-pressed mixture of oils from algae, pomegranate seeds, sea buckthorn berries, raspberry seeds, tomato seeds and safflower seeds.

Is Juice Plus clinically proven?

Juice Plus+ is clinically researched by leading universities, hospitals, and research centers around the world. Juice Plus+ is supported by more than 40 peer-reviewed scientific publications, the vast majority from clinical studies on the product itself.

Is Juice Plus high in sugar?

Technically, sugar is not purposefully removed from Juice Plus+. However, the bottom line is that the daily ration of four Juice Plus+ capsules contains less than 1 gram of residual sugar, which represents less than 4 calories.

Is Juice Plus better than vitamins?

Taking a Juice Plus+ supplement increases your vitamin and mineral intake. However, there’s no evidence that Juice Plus+ is any better at this than a regular multivitamin. Furthermore, taking supplements like these is no substitute for eating whole fruits and vegetables.