Does Monkey World have orangutans?

home to over 250 rescued and endangered primates There are three groups of orang-utans at the park, including two different species; Bornean and Sumatran. Monkey World is also home to Europe’s only Orang-utan Creche, where all orphaned or abandoned orang-utans in Europe will come to grow up.

Is Amy from Monkey World still alive?

Amy. Amy is a female Bornean orang-utan (Pongo pygmaeus) who was born on 23/09/83 and has been at Monkey World since the park opened in 1987. She was born in Britain and gave birth to Gordon in 1997. She still lives with Gordon and is the most dominant female in the group.

Is Sylvester still at Monkey World?

Silvestre still lives in the Orangutan Nursery with Oshine, his third cousin Bulu Mata, Rieke and Mimi-Loren.

Does Alison Cronin still run Monkey World?

We follow Dr. Alison Cronin MBE around the globe as she continues the park’s mission to rescue abused primates. Monkey Life documents the daily life and drama of the world’s largest primate rescue centre. Monkey Life Series 1-13 are available to own on DVD via the Monkey World gift shop!

Is Gordon the orangutan still alive?

Currently, Gordon lives with his mother Amy and mate Hsiao-Lan.

Is Jim Cronin still alive?

March 17, 2007Jim Cronin / Date of death

How old is Gordon the orangutan?

Gordon was the first orangutan born at the park to mum Amy… and now he’s just turned 21! He lives with Hsiao-lan and Amy, and is often seen on the high ropes of his outdoor enclosure, or napping in a warm spot by the window!

What happened Gordons eye Monkey World?

Gordon later developted a lazy eye due to a rough play session with Tuan and RoRo. The group split up again, this time permanently. Gordon stayed with Amy, RoRo, Lucky and Hsiao-Lan (the latter would take turns living with this group and Tuan’s).

Where is Dr Alison Cronin from?

San Diego, California
Cronin was born in September 1966 as Alison Lorraine Ames in San Diego, California.