How do I know if an email from HMRC is real?

The emails have the title ‘Reminder to file your VAT return’ and contain links to a further information page and a link to the sign in page on the GOV.UK website. These emails will never ask you to provide personal or financial information.

How do I get in touch with HM Revenue and Customs?

You can use Relay UK if you cannot hear or speak on the phone: dial 18001 then 0300 200 3300. Get help from HMRC if you need extra support.

Can I send HMRC an email?

There is no generally available facility to contact HMRC by email but it is possible to use structured or standard email, webchat and online forms for specific types of transactions and contact.

Do HMRC send emails about self assessment?

They can be taken in by scam texts, emails or calls either offering a ‘refund’ or demanding unpaid tax, thinking that they are genuine HMRC communications referring to their Self Assessment return. In the 12 months to January 2022, nearly 220,000 scams reported to HMRC offered bogus tax rebates.

Does government gateway send emails?

The fraudsters are sending fake emails purporting to be from HMRC claiming they are owed a rebate and referencing their Government Gateway Account. Anyone who files a Self Assessment tax return does need a Gateway Account, but these emails link to a fake login page designed to steal your personal details.

Can a .gov email be fake?

Only official U.S. government websites will have addresses that end in “. gov.” Some of these scam websites claim to offer immigration, tax filing, Social Security and other government services (for a fee), while others may be a front for an identity theft operation.

Can .gov emails be fake?

Scammers send emails and text messages that look like they’re from a government agency, but are designed to steal your money and your personal information. Don’t click on any link, and don’t pass it on to others.