Is there a Goddess Cube inside Skyview Temple?

In the Skyview Temple, after defeating the boss and entering the Spring through the door, look behind the platform that the Spinning symbol is resting on to find the Goddess Cube in the water there.

How do you get the Goddess Cube above the Skyview Temple?

You need the Clawshots for this one. On the east side of the entrance to Skyview Temple are vines you can grab with the Clawshots. Use them to reach the Goddess Cube above the entrance.

How do you get the Goddess Cube inside the volcano summit?

Volcano Summit In this room, there will be a Goddess Cube just to the right resting in the lava. To hit it, you need to jump on one of the floating lava platforms and give it a whack as you pass by. Make your way to the very northwest of the summit, to the exit that can be found there.

Where do goddess cubes go?


Goddess Cube Locations
Number Region Location
#1 Deep Woods Near the entrance to the Skyview Temple
#2 Deep Woods Near the entrance to the Skyview Temple
#3 Skyview Spring Behind the statue

What happens when you get all the Goddess Cubes in Skyward Sword?

once they finally arrive to take on their quest. There are a whopping 27 Goddess Cubes for you to hunt down and Skyward Strike with your sword, and each one you smack will unlock a corresponding Goddess Chest in the sky, the location of which will then automatically appear on your in-game map.

How do you get the Goddess Cube behind Bucha?

You’ll need to return to the first dungeon you cleared in the game to find this Goddess Cube, but you’ll also need the Clawshot to do it. Facing the front of the Skyview Temple, walk to the right side and look up for ivy you can nail with your Clawshot. That’ll carry you up to the roof and the Goddess Cube.

Where can I find the goddess cube in Skyward Sword HD?

Polygon’s Skyward Sword HD Goddess Cube location and rewards guide will show you where to find each cube and how to locate its reward with detailed maps, locations, and instructions. There are three Goddess Cubes in Deep Woods. As you first enter the Deep Woods, you’ll eventually come across Gorko.

Is there a goddess cubes inside the Skyview temple?

Sign Up for free (or Log In if you already have an account) to be able to post messages, change how messages are displayed, and view media in posts. When dowsing for Goddess Cubes, I was led to Skyview Temple, and its saying that there’s one inside.

How do I use the Skyward Sword?

To do this Link must: 1 Raise the Skyward Sword up. 2 The Goddess will charge the sword with her blessing. 3 When fully charged, swing your sword to release a powerful blast. More

How do I get the goddess cube in Skyloft?

Walk the back end of the cavern and the next Goddess Cube. How to get it: You’ll find this Goddess Chest on the cluster of floating islands to the west of Skyloft, one which has a big waterfall. Use the Clawshots to latch to the vines hanging down the edges and climb up to the big island.