How do I know if my Apple Pencil is charging?

If you aren’t sure your Apple Pencil is charging and want to confirm:

  1. Open Settings and Select Apple Pencil.
  2. Next to where it says Apple Pencil at the top, you’ll see a battery icon. If the battery icon is green with a lightning bolt symbol, your Apple Pencil is charging. If it is gray without the symbol, it is not.

Can you use Apple Pencil on a PDF?

The Apple Pencil is a handy tool for any iPad user. With this pointer device, you can draw, take notes, and mark up documents as if you were using a regular pen on real paper. . But can you use Apple Pencil on a PDF file? Yes, you can! Read and learn how to make notes on a PDF document with your Apple Pencil and iPad.

How do I charge my Apple Pencil?

Plug your Apple Pencil into the Lightning connector on your iPad. You can also charge with a USB Power Adapter by using the Apple Pencil Charging Adapter that came with your Apple Pencil. Apple Pencil will fast charge when plugged into either power source.

How long does Apple Pencil take to charge fully?

around 15 to 30 minutes
You’ll hear a ding and the Apple Pencil will start charging. Keep the Apple Pencil plugged in; a full charge happens in around 15 to 30 minutes.

Why does my Apple Pencil not charge?

At times, a few things, including Apple Pencil not charging, can be due to temporary glitches on your iPad. To fix this, turn off your iPad and turn it back on. Once this is done, insert the Apple Pencil 1st gen into the iPad’s Lightning port or stick the Apple Pencil 2nd gen to the right edge of the iPad.

Can I write on a PDF on my iPad?

Write text on any PDF document. Select File on the bottom menu bar to locate and open your PDF. Enable editing mode by selecting the big blue Tools button in the lower right corner, then select Comment. Select the Add Text tool on the bottom toolbar and type your text into the appropriate location on your PDF.

How can I draw on a PDF on my iPad?

Tap on the PDF to bring up controls and then tap on the Markup icon. This gives you all the same options with highlight colors and the ability to draw with your finger or Apple Pencil. It doesn’t have a Done button, though.

Does Apple Pencil light up when charging?

The Apple Pencil doesn’t have a physical charge indicator or LED light on its cylindrical body; instead, you can check its current battery life on your currently-paired iPad or iPad Pro.

How long does it take to charge Apple Pencil?

Helpful answers. Fifteen seconds of charge will get you about 30 minutes of use. A complete charge takes around 10 minutes.