How do I know if tado is working?

Press the test button for heating or hot water once. The power LED will turn orange and start fading in and out indicating that the testing mode is active. The test button’s LED will turn on when the relay is in the closed position. Press the same test button again to switch the relay off and end test mode.

Can you use tado without Internet?

Can I still control my heating or air conditioning using tado°? When the internet connection is lost, you can control your heating or air conditioning system via the user interface on the device.

How do I put tado in Away mode?

Tip: While trying to resolve the issue, you can manually set tado° to stay in Home or Away Mode. From the Home Screen, tap on Geofencing and select Home or Away. tado° will stay in the selected Mode until a Home member changes the Mode again.

What do tado symbols mean?

tado° is in Away Mode. It is set to the displayed target temperature based on the settings you’ve specified for the Away Mode. Hot Water production in Away Mode (on/off) tado° is in Away Mode. Hot water production is currently on/off based on the settings you’ve specified for the Away Mode.

Why is my tado app not working?

If it is not working, please check that your router is powered and reset the router. This will usually resolve a temporary issue with the internet connection. If the internet connection is working, make sure that: your tado° Bridge is powered and connected to the router.

How accurate is tado thermostat?

It is possible there will be a difference between the actual temperature and the measured temperature on tado°. This is called the temperature offset. For instance, your thermometer may detect 22 °C while tado° measures 20 °C. The temperature offset is then +2 °C.

What is tado auto assist?

Written by tado° Auto-Assist allows you to completely automate your heating or air conditioning system’s control, removing the need for manual adjustments. It also constantly monitors your heating activity to identify unusual behaviour, and helps you fix issues if they arise.

How does tado communicate?

The tado° devices communicate via radio at 868 MHz using the IPv6 enabled “6LoWPAN” protocol. The advantage of using this protocol for the tado° wireless network, instead of Wi-Fi (2.4 and 5 GHz), is the extremely low power consumption combined with superior range inside buildings and through walls.

What is tado Internet Bridge?

The Internet Bridge creates a communication link between your tado° devices, the tado° servers and the tado° app. This allows you to control your heating and cooling remotely using the tado° app. The Internet Bridge connects to your router via an Ethernet cable and connects to the power via a usb cable.

What is tado away mode?

At any given point, your tado° can be either in Home or Away Mode. When in the Home Mode, tado° applies the settings that you’ve specified in the Home tab of your Smart Schedule. And, when in Away Mode, it applies those that you’ve specified in the Away tab of your Smart Schedule.

What is tado Geofencing?

Written by tado° When Geofencing is turned on for a time block in your Smart Schedule, this time block will become active only if tado° is in Home Mode. If you turn Geofencing off, the time block will become active regardless of the Home members’ location and irrespective of whether tado° is in Home or Away Mode.