How do I selectively install Office 2016?

Run the officedeploymenttool_xx-xx.exe file and extract its contents to a local directory (for example, C:\ODT ). ODT allows you to select Office 2019, Office 2016 or Office 365 apps you want to install or uninstall, select a localization language and various app settings.

How do I customize Microsoft Office installation?

Go to Office Customization Tool. Select Import, and then select the configuration file you want to edit. Change the settings you want, and then export the updated file.

How do I modify Office 2016 installation?

How to: How to customize a Microsoft Office Click-to-Run install – 2016

  1. Step 1: Create a new folder called ODT under drive C:
  2. Step 2: Download Office Deployment Tool (ODT)
  3. Step 3: Extract the downloaded setup file.
  4. Step 4: Open the “configuration.xml” file in ODT folder and replace the content with:

How do I install Office apps individually?

Watch: Install Office apps If you don’t see them, you can install them yourself. Go to You might need to sign in with your work account. Select Install Office > Microsoft 365 apps > Run , and then select Yes.

Can I install Outlook 2016 only?

Outlook 2016 is available as a standalone application as well without needing to install or buy the other Office 2016 applications. However, not all features might be available to you.

How do I change the installation location of Microsoft Office?

Immediately after you re-install windows do this: Settings > Storage > Change Where New Content is Saved under each type of new content is a drop down box. Just make all those point to your HDD. It may or may not redirect your Office 365 new install (hope you kept that product key!).

What is MS Office configuration?

Step 2: Define Configuration

Parameter Description
Open/Save Folder* Refers to the default working folder for Microsoft Powerpoint. Clicking Open or Save menu will open this folder location.
Command Bars Folder* Refers to the location where the command bar buttons of Microsoft Powerpoint are stored.

Can I install MS Word only?

If you wish to use only Word and do not want to install the suite’s other components, then your best option would be just to purchase and install Word outright and not worry about getting the office suite at all. Word can be obtained online for a one-time installation fee of $129.

How do I install Outlook 2016 for free?

Download Outlook 2016

  1. Method 1: Right click the downloaded file then click “Mount”
  2. Method 2: You can also right click the downloaded file, click on “Open with” then click on “Windows Explorer”.
  3. Method 3: If you don’t have the “Mount” option, you can use any software for mounting file such as Virtual CloneDrive.

Can I install Outlook separately?

You can download Outlook on your iOS or Android devices as a standalone app. The desktop version comes with the entire Microsoft 365 suite of apps.