How do you recondition cymbals?

How to clean your cymbals in 5 easy steps

  1. Gather your tools. While some embrace the ‘darker’ sound of the funky build up of patina on their metals, for those who prefer a bright, clean sound, today we’re looking at how to restore cymbals to their former glory.
  2. Apply The Cymbal Cleaner.
  3. Get scrubbing.
  4. Rinse.
  5. Dry and polish.

How do you make cymbals shiny again?

If you decide to clean your cymbals, you can do it with a basic cleaning method by using water and detergent, or even with some household items such as toothpaste, lemon, vinegar, or even ketchup. You can give your equipment a deep polishing with cymbal cleaner, but it should be used only on brilliant finish cymbals.

Should you clean old cymbals?

Anyhow, cleaning/polishing is a good idea if you want to prevent your cymbals from becoming discoloured, dull, rusty or cracked. However, make sure that while you clean your cymbals that you don’t apply too much force or bend them accidentally!

Can I use Brasso on cymbals?

Well, regardless if these cymbals are part of your drum kit, or a pair for your marching band, Brasso, a metal polish that can be found in your household, or your dad’s tool cabinet, will make that cymbal shine. All it takes is a bottle of liquid Brasso, rags, and some elbow grease to get them to look brand new.

Do cymbals wear out?

Cymbals can alter in their sound and appearance over time which some people may describe as them ‘wearing out’. Over time, cymbals could become trashier sounding and produce darker sounds and possibly be more likely to crack. However, some drummers have a preference for more aged cymbals.

Can I use vinegar to clean cymbals?

If you’re wondering how to clean cymbals with lemon juice or vinegar, it can be done. Once rubbed onto the surface, these will remove the dirt and grime and help to bring some of that shine back to the cymbal. The vinegar has been proven to be an effective cleaner in a wide variety of situations.

Is Brasso safe for cymbals?

Although it will really make your cymbal shine, Brasso was not made for the specific cleansing of cymbals, so it will take the logos off of your cymbals. This can be avoided substituting Brasso with soap and water to clean areas of the cymbal with logos.

Can you use Windex on cymbals?

You should also never use Windex on your cymbals as this will damage their sound which you can learn more about in our similar article, How to Clean High Hats Without Ruining Them.

How do you clean cymbals with vinegar?