How does the crown of a barrel affect accuracy?

The answer is: Yes. Overall, damage to the crown makes the rifle less consistent, but in all but extreme cases, the rifle may still be accurate enough to continue using at reasonable ranges. So the advice to pamper your barrel’s crown is well-founded. Do not clean it from the muzzle end—clean it from the chamber end.

How much does a gunsmith charge to cut down a shotgun barrel?


Gunsmith Labor Per Hour $95.00
Cut & crown barrel, and reinstall hanger $475.00 GCC2
Dent or budge removed & lap bore $135.00 GDL
Not all dents or bulges can be removed depending on the location and severity.
Drill & tap per hole $75.00 GDT

What is a target crown muzzle?

The muzzle of our barrels have special crown designs to protect the rifling. Some have what are often called a “target crown.” A target crown is specially machined into the muzzle to protect the rifling with the intent of preserving and protecting accuracy.

Can you legally cut a rifle barrel?

As to possession, California courts have ruled that a person can be guilty of this crime even if the rifle or shotgun is broken down into component parts.

Why does a barrel need a crown?

A target crown is machined into the muzzle to protect the rifling. This preserves and protects accuracy. If the very edge of the bore is nicked, scratched or damaged in any way, it will impact the dynamics of the bullet as it exits the muzzle.

Can I shorten the barrel on my shotgun?

The barrel of a shotgun without a tube magazine can be cut to any length; pump-action or semi-automatic shotguns usually have a tube magazine attached to the underside of the barrel which limits the practical minimum barrel length to about the length of the magazine tube, unless it also is modified, technically much …

Where is the crown of a gun?

A barrel crown can be defined as the shaping of the point on a muzzle where the end of the bore intersects with the face of the end of the barrel.