How long is UC Davis Summer Session 1?

Session Dates

Summer Session I June 21 – July 29
Summer Session II August 01 – September 09
Special Session June 13 – September 09

How does summer session work UC Davis?

Summer Sessions offers two 6-week sessions and over 700 courses for students looking to stay on track or get ahead for graduation. Special Session has exciting courses with varying start and end dates that do not fall within these 6-week schedules.

What is full time summer session UCD?

What is full-time and part-time status during the summer? During the summer six (6) units are considered part-time and 12 units are considered full-time.

Does UC Davis have a summer session?

Summer Session Applications are now open! Summer Sessions welcomes continuing UCD students, incoming new students entering UCD in Fall 2022, students from other UC campuses or other universities, visitors to our campus, as well as UCD alum.

What is summer special session UCD?

Special Session classes are offered outside the typical 6-week terms of Summer Sessions 1 and 2 and vary in length. Registration for Special Session is part of your original pass time registration appointment for Summer Sessions 1 and 2. You do not need a separate pass time for Special Session.

How many classes can you take summer session UC Davis?

Is there a limit to how many classes I take? Students can enroll in a maximum of 15 units per session.

How much are summer classes at UCD?

During Summer, all students pay the same tuition rate: $279/unit.

How do I take summer classes at another UC?

How to Enroll in Classes at Other UC Campuses (Undergraduate Simultaneous Enrollment)

  1. Find out if you qualify. Note: Financial aid is available only through UCSD.
  2. You must:
  3. Download and complete the application.
  4. Obtain the required signatures.
  5. Submit your application.
  6. Wait for approval.

Does financial aid cover summer session UC Davis?

UC Davis students attending summer may be eligible to receive financial aid to assist with costs. UC Davis Financial Aid and Scholarships will begin packaging students for summer 2022 by the end of May.

Can I take summer classes at another UC?

UC students can study at any UC campus during the summer and transferring course credits to your home UC campus is easy.

Are UC summer classes online?

The UC system offers hundreds of online courses in summer!

What do I need to know about summer enrollment at UCSD?

Enroll in courses that are difficult to enroll in during the fall, winter or spring quarters FINANCIAL AID NOTE : UCSD students need a total of 6 units minimum throughout all Summer Sessions to be eligible for Summer Aid. Non UCSD students should contact their home campus Financial Aid Office.

Do continuing UC Davis students need to apply for summer sessions?

No. Continuing UC Davis students do not need to apply for Summer Sessions. Watch for your Pass Time email from the Registrar’s Office and enroll through Schedule Builder in April. One Pass Time is assigned and applies to all Summer Sessions. Where do I find my Pass Time appointment?

How many sessions are in the summer session?

Summer Session 1: June 28 – July 31 Summer Session 2: August 2 – September 4 Special Session: Dates Vary Speak with Summer Session Staff!

Do summer session students have to comply with the new policy?

Policies are subject to change and Summer Session students are required to comply with the requirements in place at the time of summer courses. Do COVID-19 testing requirements apply to Summer Session students?