How much does a specialized crosstrail cost?

$850. Your fitness is important and that’s why our CrossTrail Sport focuses on seamlessly blending comfort, versatility, and efficiency.

What type of bike is a specialized crosstrail?

hybrid bike
The Crosstrail is a versatile hybrid bike that is designed to offer a comfortable, efficient ride on every surface from smooth tarmac roads to rough gravel tracks. Fast-rolling 28inch (700C) wheels are fitted with wider tires for greater comfort, giving greater control when combined with the suspension fork.

What replaced the specialized crosstrail?

new Sirrus X
The replacement for the Crosstrail is the new Sirrus X which takes the idea of ‘hybrid’ bikes in a whole new direction. The old Specialized Crosstrail was a pretty standard hybrid bike.

How heavy is the specialized crosstrail?

Weight: 30.8lbs.

What is a TriCross bike?

Categorized as a “Freeroad” bike by Specialized, the TriCross can hold its own as a road bike, a touring bike, in cyclocross races and as a serious commuter bike. The Specialized TriCross lineup includes the basic TriCross (reviewed in this post); TriCross Sport Disc; TriCross Elite Disc; and TriCross Comp Disc.

How heavy is the specialized Crosstrail?

What Shimano 2300?

Shimano’s 2300 series groupset is a good starting point for anyone new to cycling but given the choice we would recommend paying a little more for Shimano’s Claris (2400) groupset that was introduced in 2013 as this offers a number of technology upgrades and is available on bikes between £450 and £1000.

Can I use my road bike on gravel?

A road bike, with the right conversions, can take on some light gravel grinds. You won’t have the longer, slacker geometry of a gravel bike, or the option to go as big with tire width, but, with a few upgrades, you can prepare your road bike for the off-road experience.