How much does Crizal Sapphire cost?

How much are Crizal Sapphire lenses? The price of these lenses vary, but you’ll be looking to pay an average of $92.00 – $160.

Is Crizal Sapphire 360 worth it?

For some people, Crizal lenses are a worthwhile investment. Reducing glare can make nighttime driving more comfortable and be a big help if you find yourself under bright lights frequently. However, blue light from computers and smartphones has not been proven to cause permanent eye damage.

How do I know if I have Crizal Sapphire?

How do I identify genuine Crizal Lenses? Crizal Lenses will have a unique Fog ID on the lenses. This can be identified by fogging the lens. Each of our Crizal products has differentiated FOG ID for your easy understanding.

Is Crizal Sapphire good?

I am completely wowed by my Crizal Sapphire 360° UV lenses. They are a total game changer when it comes to glare and cleanability. Purely amazing sight! This is the clearest lens I have ever worn!

Is Crizal sapphire coating?

Crizal Sapphire HR is our latest generation anti-reflective coating, and the best anti-reflective coating overall (1)….Lens Options.

Crizal Sapphire HR
Varilux Digitime Yes

Does Crizal Sapphire have a blue tint?

IMPORTanT nOTe: Crizal Sapphire UV™ lenses have a slight blue reflective hue and thus the Pad Control System for this product only is ash/gray in color (see images below).

Does Crizal Sapphire have a tint?

It is also superior to Crizal Sapphire, which has a slightly bluish tint although it is advertised as “the clearest no-glare lenses.”

Is crizal sapphire coating?

What is Crizal Sapphire lenses?

Crizal Sapphire ® 360˚ UV Lenses These anti-reflective lenses come with Multi-Angular Technology™, which helps reduce reflections from all directions, providing better aesthetics, enhanced UV protection, and safer nighttime driving.