How much is a hot air balloon ride in Napa California?

The standard Aloft balloon ride is $250 per person, but they also offer private flights for two people (starting at $2,000). A post-flight champagne breakfast will cost an extra $28 per person. If you’re worried about a possible cancellation, Napa Valley Aloft is a good company to roll the dice with.

How long is the Napa hot air balloon ride?

about one hour
Flights in Napa Valley typically last about one hour. But because there are so many variables in ballooning, you should count on about 3-4 hour commitment. This includes check-in, balloon inflation, the flight, pack-up, transportation back from the landing site, and some companies offer a sit-down breakfast afterwards.

Where do hot air balloons take off in Napa?

Founded in 1978, Napa Valley Aloft is one of the original hot air balloon companies of Napa Valley and is currently the only company flying over Yountville’s iconic landscape.

How long is hot air balloon ride?

about an hour
A hot air balloon flight usually lasts about an hour. In that time, the balloon can travel between two and eight miles depending on the wind speed. The whole experience from filling the balloon with hot air to landing and being driven back to the launch site can be over three hours.

How do you get out of a hot air balloon?

After the landing Once the balloon is stationary, the ground crew hold the basket down to allow the passengers to disembark. The pilot opens the valve all the way to let out the rest of the air, making it ready folding and putting the balloon in the ground crew’s transport.

What do you wear on a hot air balloon ride?

What to Wear

  • Boots or sneakers with high socks. We never know where we’ll land (find out why) so it’s important to protect your feet from grass burrs, because it’s very likely we’ll land in a field.
  • Pants that you can move in.
  • Ball cap or hat.
  • Layered clothing depending on the weather.