Is IZOU still alive one piece?

He was fiercely loyal to Whitebeard, and his death struck Izo just as much as it did all of the others. After the deaths of Whitebeard and Ace, Izo remained in the crew for a little while, accepting Marco as the new Captain, and aided them in their quest of revenge against Blackbeard.

Are smokers strong?

The Marines are a force to be reckoned with in the world of One Piece, and Smoker is considered to be one of the strongest of the group.

Is Kikunojo a man?

Despite her reputation as a legendary male samurai as one of the Scabbards, Kikunojo describes herself as being “a woman at heart”, and thus lives and presents herself in a traditionally feminine manner. She is a very upbeat and friendly person.

What is smokers Devilfruit?

Moku Moku no MiSmoker / Devil fruit

Is Izo a guy or girl?

Izou is a cross-dressing man who wears a pink and purple kimono. He has a pale complexion and hair tied in a way resembling that of a geisha.

Who is the traitor of Wano?

It’s here that the Akazaya Nine starts to face the truth that one of them is actually a traitor, and soon Kanjuro reveals that he has been the betrayer all along. Confirming what Orochi said in the previous episode, Kanjuro revealed that his real name is Kanjuro Kurozumi.

Is crocodile a Logia?

Here’s the thing, Crocodile is actually one of the Logia users who has mastered his power the most, and that’s what makes his Sand-Sand Fruit so fearsome. He’s obviously spent a ton of time mastering his ability and figuring out how to use it in every conceivable situation.

Is Buggy a Logia?

In the anime, Buggy has even demonstrated being able to re-constitute himself in a Logia -like manner after literally getting reduced to fine strips by Mihawk. As part of the Devil Fruit’s powers, the user can also split their body apart by themselves without the need of being chopped up by others in the first place.

Who betrayed Luffy?

When he ran into them right before the wedding, Sanji viciously attacked Luffy just to make him go away. It’s among the more heartbreaking scenes in One Piece history.