Is the Avalon 737 worth it?

For a bass DI, the Avalon 737 does a great job. The pre adds a touch of smoothness, the comp controls the transients (punchy attack if needed I prefer to do at the mixing stage with a 1176 or SSL plug in), and the EQ allows you to sculpt the sound to your liking without changing it’s overall tone.

What does Avalon 737 do?

Harnessing UA’s groundbreaking Unison technology, the Avalon VT-737 plug-in captures the hardware’s mic preamp impedance, gain stage “sweet spots,” and exact circuit behaviors, giving you all the detailed sonics of the original Avalon hardware — including its gentle high-pass filter for removing mud and low-end gunk.

When did the Avalon 737 come out?

The Avalon 737 is one of the first channel strip boxes that were designed that was released in the late 1990’s.

How much does an Avalon 737 weigh?

AC power Internal toroidal 100v to 240v, 50-60Hz selectable, 75 watts maximum
Dimensions 19 x 12 x 3.5 in (482 x 305 x 89mm)
Weight 22lbs (10kg)
Dimensions-shipping carton 21 x 18 x 8 in (533 x 457 x 203mm)

What does a Channel Strip do?

A channel strip is a device that allows the output of an audio device to be amplified to a line level and integrated into some other system. An audio channel strip may be a stand-alone unit or one of many units built into a mixing desk.

What does the preamp do?

In a home theatre system, the pre-amplifier performs two main functions: it handles switching between different line level sources and boosts the signal before sending it to the amplifier. A weak electrical signal becomes strong enough for additional processing, preventing noise and offering cleaner output.

What do you plug a preamp into?

You plug your microphone (using an XLR cable) into the external preamp’s mic input. Then using a balanced 1/4 inch cable (called a TRS cable) you run the output of that preamp into an available line input on your interface.

How do you hook up a PREAMPlifier?

Steps for Connecting a Preamp to a Receiver

  1. Turn Everything Off.
  2. Plug Your Audio Device(s) into Your Preamp.
  3. Plug Your Preamp into the Receiver.
  4. Turn Your Preamp On and Lower the Volume All the Way Down.
  5. Turn on the Receiver and Adjust the Preamp’s Volume.
  6. Adjust the Preamp’s Gain.

Is the UAD Avalon good?

The Avalon sounds great from our testing and can add depth and warmth to recordings in a confident manner. The midrange EQ offers a lot of flexibility and works equally well on vocals and instruments. We also appreciate the stepped controls for the “air” and low EQ bands.

How do you hook up a preamp?

How to Connect a Pre-Amplifier to a Power Amplifier

  1. Inspect your equipment and cables, and determine if everything is compatible.
  2. Connect the power cords for the power amplifier and the preamplifier in the designated plug-ins.
  3. Plug one end of each connector cable into the output plugs on the back of the preamplifier.

Do I need a receiver if I have a preamp?

Preamp If Receiver Has Phono Input: Final Thoughts You do not need a phono preamp if your receiver has a phono input. The same goes if your record player has an internal preamp. But that does not mean you shouldn’t get one. In most cases, the phono preamplifiers included in receivers or turntables are low quality.

Are UAD plugins the best?

Universal Audio plugins are better because of the integration with Unison-enabled preamps. Now we’re getting into the main feature that makes Universal Audio unique. Most of their audio interfaces are equipped with Unison-enabled preamps which have single-handedly revolutionized the realm of analog modelling.

Where do I plug in my preamp?

Plug Your Preamp into the Receiver With all of your audio devices plugged into the preamp, plug the preamp’s Output or Phono Out directly into the AV receiver’s HT Bypass or Direct In. In all likelihood, this will require a pair of RCA cables.

How do I connect a preamp?

How do I connect my preamp to my speakers?

How to Set Up Passive Speakers With a Turntable

  1. Connect the turntable with the RCA cables to the preamp. (Some turntables require grounding.)
  2. Connect the pre-amp to the amp with RCA cables.
  3. Connect the amp to the speakers.
  4. Drop the needle and enjoy!

Why choose the Avalon di-preamplifiers?

The Avalon DI-preamplifiers have been in use around the world since 1985. They have found their way into the world’s leading musicians rigs and recording sessions and have been featured on thousands of the best selling (and sounding) albums, downloads and live performances.

What is the Avalon M5 preamp?

Avalon microphone preamplifiers have been in use around the world since 1986. All preamplifiers share the combined technologies of low ratio transformer balanced inputs coupled with high-voltage cascade FET twin bipolar discrete class A amplifiers. M5 Features 100% discrete, pure class A mode

What preamplifiers does the Avalon VT-737sp have?

The Avalon VT-737SP features a combination of TUBE preamplifiers, opto-compressor, sweep equalizer, output level and VU metering in a 2U space. Click to see more details & specifications for the VT-737SP.

What makes the Avalon V5 so special?

The V5 includes the best of the Avalon U5 DI functions with a studio quality preamplifier and “a new sonic addition”. Two alternate solid-state topologies are cascaded to provide a rich, low midrange harmonic content not offered in other Avalon preamplifiers. This feature empowers the V5 with a new scale of sonic character.