What are flechette rounds good for?

A flechette round contains hundreds of small, needle- or razor-like projectiles designed to penetrate armor and inflict painful wounds. They are banned by the Geneva Convention but do still see use in combat and counter-terrorism from time to time. People will put just about anything in a shotgun and call it ammo.

Are flechette rounds good for home defense?

Flechettes are in only a few states but perfectly legal in other places. Although they are generally legal, flechette shells are generally not the best option for self defense.

How effective are flechette rounds?

Upon firing, the so-called “flechette” rounds would send a high speed cloud of deadly darts downrange. Flechette rounds were particularly useful against human wave attacks, although they do cause higher than normal wear and tear on barrels.

What are flechettes shotgun shells?

A Flechette is a small dart shaped projectile, that is clustered in an explosive warhead, dropped in a missile from an airplane or fired from a hand held weapon. One unique application of this 1″ Flechette was to load these in a 12 GA. shotgun for taking out snipers hiding in thick brush or trees.

Why are flechette rounds banned?

According to petitioners, the use of flechette shells violates the laws of war, which prohibit the use of weapons that do not discriminate between combatants and non-combatants. Petitioners point to two instances in which flechette shells have caused civilian deaths.

Are flechettes illegal?

Besides the armor piercing bullets mentioned above, the following types are also illegal: Flechette bullets, illegal in California, Florida, and Illinois, shoot two or more metal wires or dart-style bullets.

Are flechettes still used?

Flechettes were used during Israel’s offensive in the Gaza Strip 15 months ago and enough remain in store for several years’ worth of training and operations, but no more will be bought, Brigadier-General Agay Yehezkel said in an interview.

Are flechettes armor-piercing?

The excellent ballistic performance and armor-piercing potential of flechettes have made the development and integration of this class of munition attractive to small-arms manufacturers. A number of attempts have been made to field flechette-firing small arms.

Are flechettes armor piercing?