What does air pump do on tundra?

The pumps pull air from under the passenger-side fender well and send it to the back of the intake manifold, where two valves open and close to allow this air to enter the exhaust gas stream.

What does a secondary air pump do on a Toyota?

The secondary-air pump draws in ambient air and injects it into the exhaust manifold downstream of the exhaust valves. There is a separate integrated air filter if the air is not drawn in from the intake system but rather directly from the engine compartment.

How do I fix a P2441 on a Toyota Tundra?

What repairs can fix the P2441 code?

  1. Replacing the air control valve for the secondary air injection system bank one.
  2. Replacing the exhaust pressure sensor to the secondary air injection system for bank one.
  3. Repairing wiring or connections to the air injection system as directed by pinpoint tests.

How do you test a secondary air pump?

The secondary air valve can be quickly inspected in an easy way:

  1. Loosen the connecting hose on the secondary air non-return valve leading to the secondary air pump.
  2. If there are deposits on this side of the valve (finger test, see Fig.
  3. Inspect the secondary air pump and replace it if necessary.

Is secondary air pump necessary?

The air injection smog pump pushes air into the exhaust system right after the exhaust manifold, to help intercept and burn those unburned fuels. The system is critical to help cars achieve government emissions standards. So, the law says you need a secondary air injection system.

What happens when air pump goes bad?

Again, a failed smog pump can upset the tune of the vehicle, which will negatively impact overall engine performance. A failed air pump may cause the engine to hesitate or stumble on acceleration, and in more serious cases, cause a noticeable reduction in total power output.

What does P0411 code mean?

Secondary Air Injection Incorrect Flow Detected
Diagnostic trouble code (DTC) P0411 stands for “Secondary Air Injection Incorrect Flow Detected.” This code warns about a potential airflow issue in the secondary air system.

What could cause a P0411 code?

Code P0411 may get registered when the amount of air entering the exhaust is not what the powertrain control module (PCM) expects. A traditional air injection system contains the following components: An air pump. Pipes and hoses that transport the air from the pump to the exhaust manifold and/or catalytic converter.