What episode of Dance Academy Do Tara and Christian get together?

By the Season 2 finale, Christian and Tara finally talk and they both admit to each other that their feeling for each other never went away.

Does Tara end up with Christian or Ben?

During a slow dance Ben starts to cry and expresses that he does not believe that he will be able to see himself old because of the cancer. He and Tara then share a kiss that seems romantic until the next scene shows them talking about how Tara always ends up back with Christian.

Who does Tara end up with in Dance Academy movie?

Tara Webster
Family Neil Webster (Father) Jan Webster (Mother)
Relationships Ethan Karamakov (Ex-Boyfriend) Christian Reed (Boyfriend) Ben Tickle (Ex-Boyfriend)
Job Dancer (former) Student (former) Choreographer (movie)
School(s) National Academy of Dance

Do Sammy and Christian get together?

Sammy and Christian are roommates and are shown to have a great friendship. At one point in the story line, Sammy admits that he has feelings for Christian, who continues their friendship regardless of the fact that he does not have any romantic intrests in Sammy.

Do Christians like Tara?

After the holiday break, Christian begins to have feelings for Tara and kisses her even though she is dating Ethan. Eventually, Tara starts to fall for Christian as well. They begin dating but break up due to the fact that Christian is jealous that Tara can talk about her knee injury to Ethan but not him.

Do Ethan and Tara get back together in Season 2?

In the second season, they maintain a somewhat tense relationship because of Tara’s decision of Christian over Ethan, but Ethan forgives her when she breaks her back, and when he leaves Australia, he says to her, “It’s been special, Webster.”

Do Tara and Ethan get together?

Tara believes that Ethan is the guy of her dreams even after Kat warns her about her brother’s reputation for dating one girl after another….

Ethan Karamakov
Relationships Tara Webster (ex-girlfriend) Isabelle (ex-girlfriend) Abigail Armstrong (former attraction)
Job Student/Dancer

What episode does Tara break her back?

Breaking Pointe
Breaking Pointe

“Breaking Pointe”
Season 2, Episode 12
Aus. Airdate March 29, 2012
Writer(s) Samantha Strauss
Director(s) Ian Gilmour

How does Tara break her back in dance academy?

Saskia injured her foot, while falling down in a live performance. A video that Grace and Tara posted went viral of her criticizing Tara stating that, “You’re not good enough, and you’ll never will be.” She broke Tara’s back in the episode, Breaking Pointe.

What episode does Ethan and Tara breakup?

“Dance Academy” Pressure (TV Episode 2010) – IMDb.