What episode of One Tree Hill is Brooke wedding?

The thirteenth episode of the season, “The Other Half of Me” which saw Brooke get married achieved season highs in all categories with a 1.2 adults 18–49 rating, a 2.4 in women 18–34 and 2.42 million viewers making it the most watched episode since December, 2009.

What episode does Brooke and Julian play?

Coming Home by The Dimes.

What episode does Julian save Brooke and Jamie?

Darkness on the Edge of Town.

What episode of OTH does Julian propose to Brooke?

One Tree Hill Season Finale 7×22: Julian Proposes To Brooke.

Where did Brooke and Julian get married?

the church of Tree Hill
Location. The marriage took place in the church of Tree Hill. The church was decorated by Julian, Haley and Sylvia, from the “design” from Brooke’s wedding book, although Sylvia (who paid for the marriage) did not agree to how she wanted it to be.

What happens in season 8 episode 11 One Tree Hill?

Plot. A storm hits Tree Hill. Miss Lauren is hosting a spelling bee competition and its a tie up between Jamie and Madison but Jamie likes Madison and spells his word wrong to let Madison win.

What episode do Brooke and Julian get back together in season 7?

The Last Day of Our Acquaintance.

What episode does Brooke go to LA for Julian?

Does Brooke’s dad go to her wedding?

Ted didn’t attend his daughter Brooke’s wedding to Julian Baker although his name was mentioned on the invitation along with his wife inviting guests to the wedding of their daughter, even though he hadn’t seen Brooke for years.

Does Brooke have the other half of Julian’s token?

Relax, Aunt Brooke. He was my age. So at the end of the night, they decided to break this bumper-car token in half. Julian has kept his half all these years, not because he missed the girl, but because he knew somewhere out there was the other half, his perfect match.