What happened in book 24 of the Iliad?

Summary: Book 24 Finally, on the twelfth day after Hector’s death, Apollo persuades Zeus that Achilles must let Hector’s body be ransomed. Zeus sends Thetis to bring the news to Achilles, while Iris goes to Priam to instruct him to initiate the ransom.

What story does Achilles tell in Iliad 24?

The two men weep for their losses in the war. Achilles tells Priam that his father Peleus will never see him again. Achilles asks Priam to sit but Priam refuses, asking to ransom the body immediately. Achilles asks Priam not to anger him, as he might kill him if his temper flares.

How many books Iliad has?

24 books
The Iliad is an epic poem in 24 books that is traditionally attributed to the ancient Greek poet Homer. The epic is about the wrath of the Greek hero Achilles. The subject of this poem is the Trojan War.

What is the main idea of Book 22 of the Iliad?

Book 22 of Homer’s The Iliad brings about the resolution of the dispute between Hector and Achilles. Achilles is finally able to avenge the death of his dear friend, Patroclus. After being led out of the city by Apollo disguised as another Trojan soldier, Achilles finds himself face to face with Hector.

What is the title of book XXIV 24?

Homer: Iliad Book XXIV
Bibliographic information

Title Homer: Iliad Book XXIV, Book 24 Cambridge Greek and Latin Classics
Translated by Stanley Lombardo
Contributors Colin Macleod, P. E. Easterling, Philip Hardie, Richard Hunter, E. J. Kenney
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Publisher Cambridge University Press, 1982

Which three give speeches in mourning at the end of Book XXIV?

All the people of Troy come out to mourn Hektor’s body. Andromache, Hekuba, and Helen, all of whom praise Hektor and describe their own reasons for regretting his death, lead the lamentations.