What happens at the end of drumline?

The final showdown see Devon back on the field with his drumline in an epic drum-off between A and Morris Brown. Morris Brown plays dirty but in the end A’s band are the victors! And it’s of course all thanks to Devon and Sean. Devon and Zoe Saldana are also reunited!

Is drumline based on a true story?

Drumline is inspired by the life of Grammy-winning super-producer Dallas Austin, who created massive hits with Boyz II Men, TLC, Madonna and more.

Did the drumline really play the drums?

Nick Cannon did his own drumming on screen while his double, Jason Price, did majority of the close-ups with complex techniques.

What did Devin do at the end of the audition?

Devon was polishing the drums as a punishment but Jason happened to come in and he decided to help him. From Quiz: Drumline. Question by author naples4eva.

Is drumline okay for kids?

Parents need to know that Drumline has some very strong language (“s–t” and more), mild references to drinking, and moderate references to sex, particularly comparing playing an instrument to making love.

Did Nick Cannon have to learn to play the drums?

It’s common for actors to have a skilled stunt double or body double. But Cannon did train with Price for a month to learn how to play the snare drum and how to master some of the stick tricks.

Is Atlanta A University a real college?

That reputation got an extra boost in 2002, with the release of the feature film Drumline, starring Nick Cannon. The film focuses on fictional Atlanta A University — a historically black college that takes tremendous pride in its marching band — and was inspired by North Carolina A.

What is Laila’s major by the end of the movie?

16 What is Laila’s major by the end of the movie? At the beginning of the movie, her major is physiology, but she changes it in the end. From Quiz: Drumline. Question by author ilk7gcka.