What happens at the Salzburg Festival?

In a city that has preserved its baroque architecture in almost perfect condition and therefore is a breathtaking backdrop in itself, the Salzburg Festival presents performances of opera, plays and concerts of the highest artistic standards over a period of five to six weeks each summer.

What Austrian city is famous for its music festival?

As one of the most prestigious festivals of its kind, the Innsbruck Festival attracts the most famous artists of early music.

What should I wear to Salzburg Festival?

The Salzburg Festival does not have an official dress code but here’s a quick guide:

  • Men have the luxury of just needing a suit and tie most of the time.
  • Women should wear summer dresses during the day and evening wear in the evening.
  • People often wear traditional costume to the Everyman performances.

What is the Salzburg Festival?

It is held each summer (for five weeks starting in late July) in the Austrian town of Salzburg, the birthplace of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. One highlight is the annual performance of the play Jedermann ( Everyman) by Hugo von Hofmannsthal .

Can you visit the Salzburg Mozarteum?

Now anyone can visit the rare archives of the Salzburg Mozarteum Foundation to peruse original music manuscripts by Mozart, and letters written by the Mozart family. Scholars and students – and anyone interested in learning more about Mozart – can visit the Salzburg Mozarteum Foundations Digital Mozart Edition www.dme.mozarteum.at.

What is the history of the Salzburger Festspielhaus?

In 1917, Friedrich Gehmacher and Heinrich Damisch formed an organization known as the Salzburger Festspielhaus-Gemeinde to establish an annual festival of drama and music, emphasizing especially the works of Mozart.

When was the last Salzburg Easter Festival held?

Since 1967, an annual Salzburg Easter Festival has also been held, organized by a separate organization. Music festivals had been held in Salzburg at irregular intervals since 1877 held by the International Mozarteum Foundation but were discontinued in 1910. Although a festival was planned for 1914, it was cancelled at the outbreak of World War I.