What happens in Episode 12 of Ao Haru Ride?

Plot. Kou showed his weak side to Futaba for the first time and Futaba found his weak side to be docile and cute. That evening during dinner, Kou joined his brother, Tanaka, and his father to eat together for the first time after his mother’s death.

Why did Kou cancel on Futaba?

Making an appearance in Futaba’s High School, it is revealed that he was unable to attend the summer festival because of familial issues. He is no longer “Tanaka Kou” as he is now referred to as “Mabuchi Kou”.

Is Ao Haru Ride worth watching anime?

Ao Haru Ride is just an extremely cliched and generic title. The execution is decent, however it could have been better, but there are just no other hooks or interesting elements or setting to keep you interested, and it gets boring half-way through unless you absolutely love the characters.

What volume is Chapter 12 in Ao Haru Ride?

Twelfth volume of the Ao Haru Ride series, it was released by Shueisha on December 12, 2014 in Japan. There are 184 pages in total covered throughout 4 chapters….

Volume 12
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What happens in the last episode of Ao Haru Ride?

At the end of the series, the two, along with their friends, move on with their lives as they establish new relationships and accept new changes within each other. Kou changes his surname back to Tanaka, and Futaba believes that something interesting has finally started for her.

How did Blue Spring Ride end in anime?

Kou finally starts to try and reconcile his self loathing after talking with Futaba. After finally sitting down with his family, he has a heart to heart with his brother and father.

Is Blue Spring Ride inappropriate?

Recommended Audience: There’s nothing in the way of violence or sex, but some of Kou’s “friends” catcall Futaba, while Kou himself at one point attempts to indirectly “show her” the kind of bad things they might do to her. That’s enough to make this inappropriate for younger kids, I think.

What age rating is Ao Haru Ride?

5.0 out of 5 stars Great book! The age rating may say 14-17 but so far I haven’t encountered anything that may be in most books of these ages. Great read, fairly easy and overall a definite buy. Just remember to swipe right to turn!

What episode does Kou confess to Futaba?

Blue Spring Ride Episode 10: Realization and Confession.