What is Badpasswordtime in Active Directory?

This attribute shows the date and time at which the user last enters an incorrect password to log on to their account.

What is dsCorePropagationData attribute?

The dsCorePropagationData is a “system” attribute which is used by the Active Directory service and cannot and should not be modified by anything other than the directory itself. If you try to modify it via a script (and presumably an application) it will fail.

What is badPwdCount?

The badPwdCount value stores the number of times that the user, computer, or service account tried to log on to the account by using an incorrect password.

What date format does Active Directory use?

The timestamp has the following format: YYYYMMDDHHMMSST. T is the time zone which is usually ‘Z’ (Zulu Time Zone = UTC/GMT).

What is lastLogontimeStamp?

Administrators can use the lastLogontimeStamp attribute to determine if a user or computer account has recently logged onto the domain. Using this information administrators can then review the accounts identified and determine if they are still needed and take appropriate action. Intended Use.

What is the WhenChanged attribute?

Overview# WhenChanged is an attribute in Microsoft Active Directory and is the date when this object was last changed. WhenChanged value is not replicated and exists in the Global Catalog.

What is uSNCreated?

The Active Directory attribute uSNCreated stores the local update sequence number (USN) of the regarding domain controller at the time of the creation of that user object.

How do I reset my BadPwdCount?

BadPwdCount will also be reset, when the correct password is entered after several failed attempts. And it will be reset when the time of the Reset Account Lockout counter after (Observation Window) has passed without a new failed attempt.

How does Ad Store time?

The Active Directory stores date/time values as the number of 100-nanosecond intervals that have elapsed since the 0 hour on January 1, 1601 until the date/time that is being stored. The time is always stored in Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) in the Active Directory.