What is BSI certified?

BSI CERTIFICATION. British Standards Institution (or BSI), is the national standards body of the United Kingdom. BSI produces technical standards on a wide range of products and services, and also supplies certification and standards-related services to businesses.

How do you become a BSI?

How to get certified

  1. Get in touch – tell us what you need, and the standard you’re aiming for.
  2. Proposal – we’ll give you a proposal detailing the cost and time involved in a formal assessment.
  3. Meet your assessment team – we’ll assign you a dedicated Client Manager.

Is BSI accredited?

BSI is among the most respected and reputable management systems certification bodies in the world and is accredited by around 20 local and international bodies. In simple terms, accreditation is like certification of the certification body.

What is BSI certification India?

BSI is your business improvement partner. We have shaped best practice for over 100 years, helping organizations around the world embed excellence, build competence and capability for sustainable growth. Embed sustainability. Deliver digital trust.

What is BIS certificate?

BIS Certification is a means for providing third party guarantee of quality, safety and reliability of products to the customer. BIS Certification is voluntary in nature; however, the Government of India has made BIS certification mandatory for certain products taking into consideration public health.

What is BSI management?

We offer management systems auditing, certification and training services in all areas of the food industry from Food Safety and Quality through to Environment, Health and Safety and Social Accountability.

How many British standards are there?

BSI Group currently has over 27,000 active standards. Products are commonly specified as meeting a particular British Standard, and in general, this can be done without any certification or independent testing.

Who funds the BSI?

Sponsored by UK Government (BEIS) and supported by UK sector, the BSI programme is developing globally relevant, consensus-based standards on sustainable finance including: 3 Publicly Available Specifications (PASs)

What is a BIS license?

Do I need BIS certification?

The BIS certification for products is voluntary. However, the Government of India has made it mandatory for certain products considering public health. As per the government notification, 380 products are mandatorily required to obtain the BIS certification.

How do I get BIS certified as an importer?

Download and fill the application form number VI and VII from BIS website. To file the application, submit all supporting BIS registration documents along with the test reports. The test report must not be older than 90 days on the date of online application as well as the physical application of registration.