What is Rutledge Ga close to?

Monroe, GA. Covington, GA. Loganville, GA.

What is Rutledge Ga known for?

Known best for its golf course, other park guests enjoy camping, fishing, hiking, swimming, horseback riding and mountain biking. Rutledge was placed on the map during the mid 1800s when the Georgia Railroad laid tracks right through Hezekiah Rutledge’s farmland.

Is Rutledge GA a good place to live?

Regional center – North-central Georgia at the southern tip of the Appalachian Mountains. May, October and April are the most pleasant months in Rutledge, while July and August are the least comfortable months….Best Places to Live in Rutledge Rankings.

#1 Most Irritation Prone Cities
#3 2005 High Gas Prices

What county in Georgia is Rutledge in?

Morgan CountyRutledge / CountyMorgan County is a county located in the north central Piedmont region of the U.S. state of Georgia. As of the 2020 census, the population was 20,097. The county seat is Madison.
Since the early 21st century, the county has had a housing boom. Wikipedia

What county is Social Circle GA in?

Walton County
Social Circle is a historic community in Walton County located some 40 miles east of Atlanta.

What is Rutledge GA ZIP code?

30663Rutledge / Zip code

Why is it called Social Circle?

According to tradition, Social Circle was named from an incident in which a group of people living in the settlement offered water to a weary traveler, whose response was “This certainly is a social circle”.

Why is it called Social Circle Ga?

Originating in the 1820s, Social Circle became Walton County’s rail center in 1845 as the Georgia Railroad advanced westward. Legend says the settlement received its name when a traveler, impressed by the hospitality of the little group of congenial pioneers, remarked enthusiastically, “This sure is a social circle!”

What is the zip code for Madison Georgia?

30650Madison / Zip code

What is Social Circle Ga famous for?

The coming of the railroad was probably the most influential event in Social Circle’s early history and marked this city as the county’s first rail center. A Masonic Lodge was established in 1848 and the first officer was the engineer who had surveyed for the Georgia Railroad.

What are the demographics of Social Circle Georgia?

Social Circle Demographics White: 54.80% Black or African American: 38.72% Other race: 4.00% Two or more races: 1.84%

What is the zip code for Conyers Georgia?

Conyers/Zip codes