What is Sabre Red Workspace?

The new Sabre Red Workspace is a highly configurable interface that features an intuitive user experience backed by a content-rich marketplace. Through rigorous collaborative design and testing, the new product is designed to make a travel agent’s job easier while increasing productivity.

How do I get red workspace in Sabre?

Select Change Sabre Red Workspace settings for my agents under the Manage Configurations section, then click Next. Select the group name that contains the users you want to have the Red App, then click Next. After a few moments, Configure settings for Workspace will appear.

What is the difference between Sabre red and Sabre 360?

Sabre Red 360 stands as a new pinnacle in travel booking — delivering more color through its website-like design, more flexibility with enhanced customization tools, more content through API integration, more everything. It brings an unprecedented level of travel information into clear view.

What is Sabre used for?

Sabre Global Distribution System, owned by Sabre Corporation, is used by travel agents and companies around the world to search, price, book, and ticket travel services provided by airlines, hotels, car rental companies, rail providers and tour operators.

How do I get access to Sabre?

To obtain access to the Sabre GDS, ICT requires you to complete a GDS Access Application There is no fee for this application. Other Hosts charge $100.

Is Sabre easy to use?

Sabre Red 360 is very easy to use, cutting significant time for training. Beginners can also easily navigate the technology thanks to graphical tools and shortcuts. Even with less Sabre format experience, a beginner can complete a booking 26% faster than before.

What are the 2 types of input and response styling in Sabre red 360?

Sabre allows you to set up Workflow in Different Areas, change the Input row position, change the Response styling (Classic or Graphical), and turn Multiple Responses Display on or off.