What is similar to Pelican case?

Pelican Case Alternatives – 7 Affordable Brands to Keep Your Gear Safe

  • Nanuk 935 Waterproof Hard Case.
  • Seahorse 920 Protective Hard Case.
  • Ibex 2500 Hard Protective Case.
  • HUL Large Water Proof Military Style Hard Case.
  • Basics Hard Camera Case.
  • Monoprice Weatherproof Hard Case.
  • Member’s Mark 20″ Safety Box.

Is Peli and Pelican the same company?

The company’s flagship product, Pelican cases, are molded plastic cases that seal with an airtight and watertight gasket. Pelican is based in Torrance, California. In Europe the products are branded Peli. Pelican Products, Inc.

Is nanuk better than Pelican?

Nanuk cases are made in Canada and run around the same price as Pelicans. Nanuks are very, very tough, but Pelicans are still more crushproof. Also, Nanuk’s lifetime warranty is not as good as Pelican’s and does not cover accidental damage.

Where are Peli cases made?

Outside of Europe, Peli Cases are known as Pelican Cases and manufactured by Pelican Products, an American multinational company based in Torrance, California.

Does the US military use Pelican cases?

If you spend anytime at all in the modern military, you’ve likely seen Pelican Cases. These cases protect sensitive equipment ranging from Tough Books to 50 Caliber SASR rifles. They are everywhere, and one might as well be in your pocket.

Why is Pelican called Peli in Europe?

In Europe, the Pelican brand name is off limits due to trademark issues; however Peli is the same company and Peli branded products have exactly the same quality as if they were Pelican branded.

What makes Pelican cases so good?

Founded in an avid diver’s garage in 1976, Pelican now employs over 1,300 people and is the largest maker of protection cases in the world. The airtight and watertight cases are both crushproof and dustproof. Just how rugged are these cases when it comes to protecting your camera gear?

What is a Peli?

The Preschool Early Literacy Indicators (PELI) is an assessment for 3- to 5-year-olds designed to measure pre-literacy and oral language skills.

Where are eylar gun cases made?

Designed To Hold 1 Standard Pistol. Stackable Design. Crushproof and Waterproof. Includes a limited lifetime warranty….Product information.

Product Dimensions 11.65 x 8.35 x 3.78 inches
Manufacturer Eylar
Country of Origin China