What is the function of Muley Graves?

While Muley Graves is a minor character in this novel, his presence is important for helping the reader understand some of the background information and to connect Tom with his family.

Who is Muley Graves?

Muley Graves One of the Joads’ Oklahoma neighbors. When the bank evicts his family, Muley refuses to leave his land. Instead, he lets his wife and children move to California without him and stays behind to live outdoors. When he comes upon Tom at the abandoned Joad farm, he directs the young man to his Uncle John’s.

How does Muley explain sharing with others?

Later on when the men talk about eating, Muley comments that he doesn’t have any choice but to share his food. He explains that he means that he could not just walk away and eat while the men starve.

Why is Muley Graves still on the land?

Like the Joads, Muley’s family was forced to leave their house and their land. While his wife and children chose to head west to California, Muley is too proud to follow them. He chooses to stay on his land. However, the landowners are so tough and cruel that Muley must hide from them most of the time.

What is the significance of Muley Graves’s name?

Muley represent stubborn (as a mule), and Graves suggests death or dying (think stubborn unto death). In the novel, Muley refuses to leave his land, even after the bank takes it and forces him off.

Where is Muley’s family?

Muley tells “Tommy” that the family has been tractored off their land. They are temporarily staying with Uncle John until they can earn enough money to go to California. Tom and Casy learn that Muley’s family has already left for California, but he was emotionally unable to leave the land where he had grown up.

How old are the Joads?

Ruthie is 12 years old and caught between childishness and adolescence. Winfield Joad The youngest Joad family member. Winfield is 10 years old. Muley Graves A Joad neighbor in Oklahoma.

What reason does Muley Graves give for sharing his rabbits?

What reason does Muley Graves give for sharing his rabbits? He says there is no choice but to share when one person has food and another person doesn’t.

What information about the Joad family does Muley give to Tom?

What event does Muley recount while explaining why he wants to stay on his land?

Muley explains haltingly that a large company has bought all the land in the area and evicted the tenant farmers in order to cut labor costs. When Tom asks if he can stay at Muley’s place for the night, Muley explains that he, too, has lost his land and that his family has already departed for California.

Who are the main characters in The Grapes of Wrath?

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