What is the Sino British Joint Declaration?

The Sino-British Joint Declaration is a treaty between the governments of the United Kingdom and China signed in 1984 setting the conditions in which Hong Kong was transferred to Chinese control and for the governance of the territory after 1 July 1997.

What did China agree to when signing a Treaty with Britain?

On December 19, 1984, after years of negotiations, British and Chinese leaders signed a formal pact approving the 1997 turnover of the colony in exchange for the formulation of a “one country, two systems” policy by China’s communist government.

What was the agreement between China and Britain about Hong Kong?

In September 1984, after years of negotiations, the British and the Chinese signed a formal agreement approving the 1997 turnover of the island in exchange for a Chinese pledge to preserve Hong Kong’s capitalist system.

What was the purpose of the joint declaration?

They declare their determination to contribute actively to conventional, nuclear and chemical arms control and disarmament agreements which enhance security and stability for all.

Who signed the Sino-British declaration?

On 19 December 1984, in the Great Hall of the People, Chinese Premier Zhao Ziyang and British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, on behalf of their respective governments, signed the Sino-British Joint Declaration which reflected the basic principles and policies of “One Country, Two Systems”.

Who signed the Sino British declaration?

How much did China pay Britain for the Treaty of Nanjing?

Six Millions of Dollars
The Emperor of China agrees to pay the sum of Six Millions of Dollars as the value of Opium which was delivered up at Canton in the month of March 1839, as a Ransom for the lives of Her Britannic Majesty’s Superintendent and Subjects, who had been imprisoned and threatened with death by the Chinese High Officers.

Did China violate the Sino-British Joint Declaration?

Following the disqualification of four pro-democracy lawmakers in Hong Kong, the UK Government has declared China in breach of the Sino-British Joint Declaration.

Who supported the joint declaration?

The document was approved by the Vatican under the auspices of the PCPCU, which was established by Pope John XXIII at the Second Vatican Council and is headed by a Catholic bishop; thus, the declaration is (at least) an exercise of the ordinary magisterium of the episcopally consecrated individuals who authorized the …

Why was Hong Kong handed over to China?

Although sovereignty over Hong Kong Island and Kowloon was ceded to the British Crown in perpetuity in 1841 and 1860 respectively, the British government decided that continued possession of these small territories was not an option on either political or economic grounds and the entire territory of Hong Kong will be …