What is the wait time at the Blaine border crossing?

Current border wait times

CBSA Office Commercial Flow Travellers Flow
Aldergrove Aldergrove, BC/Lynden, WA 2 minutes 4 minutes
Pacific Highway Surrey, BC/Blaine, WA 10 minutes 20 minutes
Douglas (Peace Arch) Surrey, BC/Blaine, WA Not applicable 20 minutes
Boundary Bay Delta, BC/Point Roberts, WA No delay 5 minutes

Is the border in Blaine open?

Monday, November 8th, marks the day since March 2020 that people crossing the U.S. land borders from Canada and Mexico can enter for non-essential reasons. However, non-essential travelers crossing the land border will be required to show proof of vaccination.

Which is the best border crossing from Vancouver to Washington?

Peace Arch is the main crossing and has the longest delays, while the Pacific Highway is usually faster in comparison. The Lynden/Aldergrove crossing is worth considering if you are traveling to the North Shore or to the east side of Vancouver.

Can I cross the border to Blaine?

Blaine has two border crossings, the Peace Arch crossing (Douglas Crossing) and the Pacific Highway crossing also know as the Truck Crossing (SR-543). There is also a border crossing from British Columbia in to Point Roberts known as the Boundary Bay Crossing.

Can I walk across the border at Blaine?

Yes, between the border stations is the Peace Arch Park. This park allows visitors to cross the border on foot as long as they stay within the confines of the park.

What is the busiest U.S. Canadian border crossing?

The Ambassador Bridge is the busiest crossing on the Canada–United States border. The four-lane bridge carries more than 10,000 commercial vehicles on a typical weekday.

What city in Washington is closest to Canada?

Blaine, Washington
Blaine is a city in Whatcom County, Washington, United States. The city’s northern boundary is the Canada–U.S. border; the Peace Arch international monument straddles the border of both countries.