What Mesa Boogie does John Petrucci use?

Petrucci uses two Mesa/Boogie 4×12 cabinets off-stage mic’ed for the PA each with a Shure SM57 and Shure KSM313s.

What delay does John Petrucci use?

TC Electronic Flashback
The Delay he uses is the TC Electronic Flashback, which our Kris plays in the video together with Petrucci’s “Aurora” Toneprint.

What volume pedal does John Petrucci use?

Strings & Volume Pedal John Petrucci plays Ernie Ball Paradigm Regular Slinkys and uses the Ernie Ball 250K Mono Volume Pedal (for passive electronics).

How do you get the tone of John Petrucci?

The gain control is the first place to start when it comes to John Petrucci amp settings. John likes a lot of gain, and he uses it for quite a few different tones that he gets. In general, you should be using a setting that’s between 6 and 8 on most amps.

What guitar cables does John Petrucci use?

Guitarists, Composers, Music Producers John Petrucci has been reported using “Mogami Gold High-Definition Neutrik 1/4″ Straight Instrument Cable” (Instrument Cables).

What kind of guitar does John Petrucci use?

John uses signature Ernie Ball Music Man guitars and Taylor acoustic guitars.

What distortion pedal does Petrucci use?

John has a new Dunlop Signature Wah pedal, which is essentially the Dunlop Rack Wah in a pedal form. We took all of his settings from the rack wah, miniaturised it and stuck it in the actual pedal.

What strap does John Petrucci use?

John Petrucci is a longtime user of DiMarzio’s ClipLock Quick Release Guitar Straps. The John Petrucci Nylon ClipLock Guitar Strap was specially designed for and with John, and made to his custom specifications.

Why did Leo Fender leave fender?

In the 1950s, Leo Fender contracted a streptococcal sinus infection that impaired his health to the point where he decided to wind up his business affairs, selling the Fender company to CBS in 1965.