What percentage of workplace injuries involve young workers Canada?

More than 50 percent of work-related accidents happen during a young worker’s first 6 months on the job. WSBC “Rights and Responsibilities Program” indicates: 34 young workers are injured every working day.

What percentage of workplace injuries involve young workers Ontario?

Young workers experience more injuries than older workers. While young workers make up only 13% of the workforce, they account for about 16% of all allowed schedule 1 WSIB lost-time injury claims.

Do young workers have high rates of occupational injury?

Young workers have high rates of job-related injury. These injuries are often the result of the many hazards present in the places they typically work, such as sharp knives and slippery floors in restaurants. Limited or no prior work experience and a lack of safety training also contribute to high injury rates.

Which industries report the highest number of young worker injuries?

Most of the injuries and illnesses happen in food services and drinking places. Based on emergency room data, 38% of teens who were injured on the job worked in the leisure and hospitality sector.

Why are there more workplace injuries among those aged 16 25 in Canada?

Introduction: Inexperience, inadequate training and differential hazard exposure may contribute to a higher risk of injury in young workers. This study describes features of work-related injuries in young Canadians to identify areas for potential occupational injury prevention strategies.

How many youth are injured at work Canada?

Each day in Canada, more than 40 workers under the age of 19 are injured on the job. Statistics from the Association of Workers’ Compensation Boards of Canada (AWCBC) show that new workers have a higher rate of injury, especially during the first six months of employment.

What are the 5 top causes of injuries to young workers?

Top 5 causes of injury to young workers 1996-1999

  • Struck against, struck by an object.
  • Overexertion.
  • Falls.
  • Bodily reaction excluding overexertions and repetitive motion.
  • Caught in or compressed by equipment or objects.

What are three reasons that young and temporary workers are at higher risk of injury?

Temporary workers have twice the risk for occupational injury as permanent workers, but the reasons for this higher risk are poorly defined. They are likely to include less job experience, less recognition of workplace hazards, and inadequate or ineffective safety training (Virtanen, Janlert, and Hammarström 2011).

What are the top 5 causes of injury to young workers?

Top 5 causes of workplace injuries

  • material handling: 32% of claims.
  • slips, trips and falls: 16%
  • being struck by or colliding with an object: 10%
  • incidents involving tools: 7%, and.
  • traumas occurring over time such as when a body part is injured by overuse or strain: 4%.

Which age group of workers are most likely to get injured?

Workers ages 45 to 54 had the most cases of injuries and illnesses of any age group, with 293,700 cases in 2012. They also had the highest incidence rate, 121.7 cases per 10,000 full-time workers.

Which age group of workers are most likely to get injured in the workplace?

Young workers Looking at the incidence of short-term (under one year) claims involving wage replacement, the team found that young adult males (aged 20-24) had the highest injury rates, followed by adolescent and adult males.

What are the most common injuries to young workers?

Five Most Common Injuries:

  • Sprains and strains (including back injuries)
  • Soft tissue injuries (cuts, punctures, bruises)
  • Bone fractures.
  • Inflammation of joints.
  • Burns or scalds.