When was Cooperative Bank of Oromia established?

29th October, 2004
CBO (S.C.) was registered commercially on 29th October, 2004 in accordance with article 304 of Commercial Code of Ethiopia. It was established in line with proclamation no. 84/1994 with authorized capital of ETB 300 million. It started operation on 8th March 2005, with paid up share capital of birr 112 million.

What is the background of Cooperative Bank of Oromia?

Cooperative Bank of Oromia was formed on the 24th of October, 2004 with an authorized capital of Birr 300 million, and paid-up share capital of birr 112 million on March 2005.

What is the mission of Cooperative Bank of Oromia?

To extend financial and technical opportunities to cooperatives and the general public in a manner reflective of high degree of professionalism, probity and social responsibility.

What are the values of Cooperative Bank of Oromia?

Core Values

  • Integrity.
  • Customer Satisfaction.
  • Learning Organization.
  • Teamwork.
  • Cost Consciousness.
  • Concern for Community.

Who is the founder of Cooperative Bank of Oromia?

Haile Gebre Lube
It was all these glitches that initiated the inception and establishment of Cooperative Bank of Oromia. Haile Gebre Lube, regarded as the founding father (proponent) of Ethiopia’s cooperatives, brought the idea of founding the bank for he believed that the best way to fight poverty is through cooperation.

What is motto of Cooperative Bank of Oromia?

With the slogan ‘committed to breakthrough’, the CBO is striving for higher standards by providing support to the agriculture sector in particular and the country’s economy at large.

How many branches are there in Cooperative Bank of Oromia?

567 branch networks
The bank has more than 567 branch networks, 9 million account holders, and more than 11,500 employees.

Who is the founder of cooperative bank?

It was the idea of Hermann Schulze (1808-83) and Friedrich Wilhelm Raiffeisen (1818-88) which took shape as cooperative banks of today across the world. They started to promote the idea of easy availability of credit to small businesses and for the poor segment of society.

What are mission vision and values of Cooperative Bank of Oromia?

To develop a new technology of lending that will cater to the needs of micro-, small-, and medium-scale enterprises; and, other business undertakings thereby promoting the economic growth of the community where its branches are established; and, To actively participate in restoring the environment.

Who regulates cooperative banks?

The Department of Co-operative Bank Regulation (DCBR) regulates State Co- operative Banks (StCBs), District Central Co-operative Banks (DCCBs) and Urban Cooperative Banks (UCBs).