Where does the Clutha Gold Trail start?

Roxburgh Dam
The Clutha Gold starts at Roxburgh Dam, the end point of the Roxburgh Gorge Trail that starts upstream in Alexandra. The Roxburgh Gorge can readily be added on to the Clutha Gold for an additional 4–6 awesome hours of adventure.

How long is Clutha Gold Trail?

The Clutha Gold Trail. The trail offers 73km of cycling from the Lake Roxburgh Dam to the historic gold mining town of Lawrence.

How long is the Roxburgh Gorge Trail?

With most cyclists starting from Clyde, the jourey stretches out to approximately 33 km making it a good days cycling. The Roxburgh Gorge trail is often combined with the Clutha Gold Trail to provide a multi day cycling experience spanning two to three days.

What is the best section of the Otago Rail Trail?

The Poolburn Gorge Section is undoubtedly one of the highlights of the Otago Central Rail Trail as it cuts through the Raggedy Range that separates the Manukerikia and Ida Valleys.

Where does the Gold Rush Trail start?

New Westminster
The Gold Rush Trail begins at the mouth of the Fraser River in New Westminster and winds its way north to Barkerville Historic Town & Park, following the traditional Indigenous peoples’ trading routes utilized during the fur trade and expanded during the gold rushes of 1858-1862.

Where does the Clutha River start and end?

Pacific OceanClutha River / Mata-Au / Mouth

Where does Clutha River begin?

Makarora RiverClutha River / Mata-Au / Source

Where does the Roxburgh Gorge Trail start?

Clutha-Mata-au River
The trail starts at the Clutha-Mata-au River near Alexandra’s Blue Bridge. Stranded in the river alongside it are the remaining piers of the original suspension bridge, built in 1882.

Can you drive over the Roxburgh Dam?

Built in 1949, the Roxburgh Dam is still impressive, especially when in flood or cleaning out silt. Located only 9 km from Roxburgh town, you can get there from either side of the Clutha River and drive, walk or bike right over it.

What is the best time of year to do the Otago Rail Trail?

March, April and May are probably the best months for cycling the Rail Trail. Settled autumnal weather with little or no wind means it is very popular at this time of the year. Central Otago can be very hot in the summer and winters can be 10 degrees either side of freezing.

Is the Otago Rail Trail hard?

With 152 kms of trail and no difficult hill climbs, most people can go the distance, especially now with electric assist bikes (also called e-bikes) allowed on the Rail Trail.

Where is mile Zero on the Gold Rush Trail?

It is known as the official start of the Gold Rush Trail although mile zero is actually in Lillooet. Tour the museum and visit the living history “tent city” and experience what life was like for prospectors and Chinese railway workers. Yale is located 24 km / 15 mi north of Hope.