Who designed Roxy album covers?

Manifesto (1979) Perhaps finding it hard to top Jerry Hall, when Roxy Music returned after a four-year hiatus they threw a fake party with a collection of mannequins – some apparently designed with the original Roxy Music cover star, Kari-Ann Muller, in mind.

Who is on the cover of Roxy Music?

Cover art. Shot by Eric Boman, the Country Life cover features two scantily-clad models, Constanze Karoli (sister of Can’s Michael Karoli) and Eveline Grunwald (who was also Michael Karoli’s girlfriend).

Who is on the cover of Roxy Music first album?

model Kari-Ann Muller
4 in the chart, this was recorded four months after the album and not included in the track listing. “In those days, we liked to keep singles separate and not feature them on albums.” Apart from the music, what immediately stands out is the cover, featuring model Kari-Ann Muller. It set Roxy apart from almost everyone.

What songs did Roxy Music cover?

Songs covered by Roxy Music

Song Play Count
1 Jealous Guy (John Lennon cover) 129
2 Like a Hurricane (Neil Young cover) 33
3 Let’s Stick Together (Wilbert Harrison cover) 28
4 The ‘In’ Crowd (Dobie Gray cover) 20

Who is on the cover of For Your Pleasure?

model Amanda Lear
The cover photo, taken by Karl Stoecker, featured Bryan Ferry’s girlfriend at the time, singer and model Amanda Lear, who later became Salvador Dalí’s muse. Original pressings of the album featured a gatefold sleeve picturing all five band members posing with guitars.

Who has covered Bryan Ferry songs?

Artists covered by Bryan Ferry

Roxy Music 5159
Bob Dylan 1266
Wilbert Harrison 571
John Lennon 569
Jerome Kern 249

What genre is Roxy?

Country music
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