Who is Jackie Wilson?

Jackie Wilson was a dynamic and powerful soul performer during the 1950s and ’60s who successfully crossed over from rhythm and blues to pop music.

What happened to Jackie Wilson’s manager?

Shortly before Jackie Wilson signed a solo contract with Brunswick, Green suddenly died. Green’s business partner Nat Tarnopol took over as Wilson’s manager (and ultimately rose to president of Brunswick).

Is Jackie Wilson on the Hollywood Walk of Fame?

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What happened to Jackie Wilson’s son?

Jackie’s son, Jackie Jr., was the first of his children to die at just 16 years old in 1970. Jr. was brutally murdered when he was shot down in cold blood right there on Jackie Wilson’s neighbor’s porch. Jr. and the neighbor were allegedly beefing over something…

What song is Jackie Wilson Lane named after Jackie Wilson?

In 2014, artist Hozier released a song titled “Jackie and Wilson”, a play on Wilson’s name. The song includes the lyrics “We’ll name our children Jackie and Wilson and raise them on rhythm and blues.” In 2016, Cottage Grove Street in Detroit was renamed Jackie Wilson Lane in his honor.

What happened to Jackie Wilson and Harlean?

Harlean and Jackie, who wed in 1967, had been estranged for some time before his 1975 health crisis. After spending eight years in a coma, Wilson died on January 21, 1984, at a hospital in Mount Holly, New Jersey.

What happened to Jackie Wilson’s daughter?

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