Who is the greatest female long distance runner?

Jennings, the best female long-distance runner in U.S. history, was a nine-time national champ and three-time world champion in cross country. She won Olympic bronze while setting an American record of 31:19 in the 10K at Barcelona, and also holds the U.S. road records in the 8K and 10K.

Who is the best American Girl sprinter?

#1 Allyson Felix – 9 medals (6 Gold and 3 Silver) 2012 Summer Olympics: Gold in 200m, 4*100m and 4*400m relay. 2016 Summer Olympics: Gold in 4*100m relay and 4*400m relay; Silver in 400m. Allyson Felix is the most decorated female American athlete in the Summer Olympics.

Who is the most famous track runner?

Usain Bolt He is also the first athlete ever to be the winner of 6 Olympic Gold medals that he won in previously mentioned disciplines and in 4×100 relay races.

Who is the fastest female runner in the world 2021?

Elaine Thompson-Herah
Elaine Thompson-Herah had a phenomenal 2021, dominating the Olympics and running the second-fastest 100m of all time. In 2022, she is in pursuit of a first individual world title and a 34-year-old record. Elaine Thompson-Herah is the fastest woman alive.

Who is the best woman athlete in the world?

Jackie Joyner-Kersee is the greatest

rank athlete sport
1 Jackie Joyner-Kersee Track & Field
2 Babe Didrikson Zaharias Track & Field
3 Billie Jean King Tennis
4 Sonja Henie Figure Skating

Who is the fastest woman 2021?

Who is the fastest woman in the USA?

Elaine Thompson-Herah Is Officially the Fastest Woman Alive With Record-Breaking Olympic Win. She beat Flo-Jo’s 1988 Olympic record in the 100-meter dash to bring home gold.

Who is the fittest female athlete?

See the list of the Fittest 50 Men for 2019. See more about rating the World’s Fittest Athletes….The Top-20 ‘Fittest Women’ of 2019.

rank Name Sport
1 Simone Biles Gymnastics
2 Caterine Ibargüen Track and Field (jumps)
3 Tia-Clair Toomey CrossFit
4 Dina Asher-Smith Sprints