Who is the main villain in Agents of Shield Season 2?

The killer is revealed to be ex-S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Sebastian Derik, who was also a T.A.H.I.T.I.

Did Agent Ward and agent may sleep together?

So of course the beginning of this episode stomped all over that dream and not only was it made clear that Ward and May slept together that time, but many other times in the past as well.

Who blew up Earth in Agents of Shield?

The news then shows footage of Quake, and Shaw comes to the realization that Quake and Johnson are one and the same, turning to her and informing her, to her horror, that she was the one who tore the planet apart.

Who dies in Season 2 of agents of shield?

Episode 10

Name Killer
74 Daniel Whitehall Phil Coulson
75 Hydra Soldier Lance Hunter
76-78 3 Hydra Soldiers Lance and Barbra
79-80 Skye(Human form), Raina(Human form) Raina Herself (Not knowing the consequences)

Is Grant Ward a psychopath?

Ward is a sociopath, and like many of television’s iconic psychotic villains, his less than savory attributes are well-hidden under a layer of cool.

Did Daisy destroy the Earth?

The Destruction of Earth was the cataclysmic outcome of the Battle of Chicago in an alternate timeline, where an unhinged Glenn Talbot had managed to absorb Daisy Johnson and use her powers to mine Gravitonium, resulting in earthquakes too powerful for Earth to survive.

Is hive a ward?

However Kirk Vogel remained skeptical and claimed that Hive was simply Grant Ward, but Hive proceeded to explain that he was Ward, and all the other sacrifices that had been sent to him over the thousands of years alone on that distant planet.

Why does Raina wear flowers?

You’re a fraud.” Raina spent the next few months in her prison cell, where she would distract herself by making paper flowers to decorate her cell. During the conflict between the S.H.I.E.L.D. remnants and HYDRA, Raina remained in her cell when she heard gunfire coming from the prison hall.

Is Simmons a hydra?

This week, we learned that Simmons was not only working for Hydra, but she was actually doing so under Coulson’s orders.