Who makes Club Car XRT?

The vehicle is backed by a 2-year/2,000 hour warranty. Like all vehicles built by Club Car, the XRT1550 LE is easy to own, easy to operate and easy to maintain. All XRT utility vehicles are “Built For Extreme Expectations”….Club Car XRT1550 LE Specifications:

Electrical System 12-volt, 500 CCA 12-volt, 500 CCA

Is a club car a UTV?

Whether you’re moving a crowd, a crew, or a heavy load of equipment, Club Car has rugged and versatile utility vehicles (UTVs) to get the job done.

How does IntelliTrak club car work?

IntelliTrak is the industry’s first fully automatic, on-demand four-wheel-drive system. It continually senses driving conditions and automatically engages and disengages four-wheel drive without requiring the driver to stop and shift gears or lock differentials.

How do you read a club car serial number?

The letters or letter at the beginning of the serial number (1) indicate the vehicle model, could be one or two letters. The following four digits (2) indicate the model year and production week during which the vehicle was built.

What is a Club Car DS model?

Club Car DS Club Car made body changes in 1981 and introduced the “DS” model, and this model quickly became the flagship cart of the golf cart industry. The Club Car DS front and rear body panels were constructed of plastic and fiberglass.

What is a utility golf cart?

Electric utility carts; It is a small vehicle designed to transport two golfers and golf clubs with less effort than walking around a golf course or on desert roads. This is the definition used in the dictionaries.

What are utility golf carts called?

Low Speed Vehicle
After a certain speed, golf carts are no longer golf carts. They are known as a Low Speed Vehicle (LSV).

How can I tell what year my Club Car is?

Club Car Golf Carts manufactured after 1981 will have their serial numbers positioned just under the glove box on the passengers side of the vehicle and you will need this serial number to identify the year of your Club Car. The first two numbers will indicate the year your cart was made.

What is the difference between golf cart and UTV?

The UTV has much more capability when it comes to hauling and towing than the golf cart. Some UTVs can carry or tow thousands of pounds. This is not the case with a golf cart. If you are using your UTV on a farm to move product around the farm, there is no question the UTV will be a better fit.