Is the George McKenna story based on a true story?

The scroll states, “Based on a true story,” and according to McKenna himself, it’s all pretty accurate and happened just like it unfolds in the movie. Denzel Washington plays McKenna, shown in 1979 being driven up to Washington High School in South Los Angeles as principal.

What is the movie hard lessons about with Denzel Washington?

George McKenna (Denzel Washington) confronts a career-defining moment when he accepts a job as principal of a tough, inner city Los Angeles high school. Facing an apathetic student body and indifferent teachers and parents, McKenna, with help from dedicated educator Bobbie Maxwell (Lynn Whitfield), transforms the school from a gang-ridden war zone into a stepping-stone for higher education, and in the process gains the hard-won respect of the community and school administrators.The George McKenna Story / Film synopsis

Is the George McKenna story on Netflix?

The George McKenna Story, a docudrama movie starring Denzel Washington, Lynn Whitfield, and Akosua Busia is available to stream now. Watch it on Netflix or Prime Video on your Roku device.

What is hard lessons based on?

This drama based on real-life events tells the story of George McKenna, the tough, determined new principal of a notorious Los Angeles high school.

Was the real George McKenna black?

McKenna was born in New Orleans as a very light-skinned Creole black man.

Is the principal based on a true story?

A Principal comes into an Australian school for boys and offers help to struggling youth. The idea has been done before but this show is based on a fictional character, rather than non-fictional person (or true story). The show has lots of profanity and a scene of homosexuality.

Is George McKenna white or black?

Is Denzel Washington related to George Washington?

Overview. Denzel Hayes Washington was born on December 28th, 1954 to Denzel and Lennis Washington in Mount Vernon, New York (while George Washington of course had his estate at Mount Vernon, Virginia). His father Denzel Sr, who came from Virginia, was a Pentecostal minister.

What is hard lessons rated?

Not RatedThe George McKenna Story / MPAA rating

What does hard lesson mean?

I would say it implies that the lessons were learned with difficulty and required some effort as well as negative represcussions when errors were made during the learning process.

Where was the principal 1987 filmed?

The Principal is a 1987 crime thriller action film starring Jim Belushi, Louis Gossett, Jr. and Rae Dawn Chong. Written by Frank Deese and directed by Christopher Cain, it was filmed in Oakland, California and at Northgate High School in nearby Walnut Creek and distributed by TriStar Pictures on Panavision.