What is mean by pre carrier?

To explain further : Pre-Carriage – is the term given to the movement that takes place prior to the container being loaded at a port of loading on to an ocean going vessel.. Such activity can take place at the same location as the port of loading, or at a location close to the port of loading..

What is the meaning of Kargo?

: the goods or merchandise conveyed in a ship, airplane, or vehicle : freight Dock workers were unloading the ship’s cargo. Synonyms More Example Sentences Phrases Containing cargo Learn More About cargo.

What is pre-carriage cost?

Freight charges for port delivery arising before the principal international carriage.

What is Prepaid transport?

A Prepaid Freight refers to the transport cost the shipper has to cover before shipping. In the event of non-arrival, the payment is not refundable. The shipper has the possibility of getting a refund in case of damage or loss.

What is place of Receipt by pre carrier?

Place of Receipt: is the place where the goods are received from the shipper by the carrier, or its agent. Port of Loading: is the place where the goods are received for marine transport by the Carrier.

What is pre-carriage shipping?

Pre-Carriage – is the term given to any inland movement that takes place prior to the container being delivered to the port/terminal..

Why is it called shipment?

From the frame of reference of the ship, truck, or plane, and the people handling the container while in transit, that container is cargo. From the frame of reference of people on either end who are not involved in the actual transport, that container is a shipment.

What is prepaid and allowed freight?

Destination Freight Prepaid and Allowed means the vendor or shipper owns all goods in transit and is liable for delivery to the point of destination. The vendor or shipper is responsible for filing any claims with the delivering carrier for breakage or other loss and for any damage resulting from transportation.

What is FOB prepaid?

FOB Destination, freight prepaid. This add-on means the shipper bears all responsibility for a shipment until it arrives at the destination. In addition, the shipper pays for the shipment, and the receiver is not responsible for the payment of any shipping costs.

What is the difference between port of discharge and place of delivery?

Port of Discharge : This is the place at which the container or cargo is discharged by the carrier from the nominated Ocean Vessel.. Place of Delivery : This is the final destination of the container or cargo for delivery from the side of the carrier..

What is pre carriage and post carriage?

Pre-Carriage – Any inland movement BEFORE the container is delivered to the port/terminal. On-Carriage – Any inland movement AFTER the container is picked up from the port/terminal.