Which apprenticeships pay the most?

Best paid apprenticeships

  • IT apprenticeship.
  • Carpentry apprenticeship.
  • Electrician apprentice.
  • Engineering apprenticeship.
  • Management apprenticeship.
  • Logistics coordinator.
  • Shift supervisor.
  • Solar installer.

What big companies do apprenticeships?

The Top 10 Apprenticeship Employers for 2020 are:

  • British Army.
  • HMRC.
  • Royal Navy.
  • BT.
  • MTR Elizabeth Line.
  • Mazars LLP.
  • Optionis Group.
  • Mitchells and Butlers.

Do apprenticeships pay a lot?

Some of the best areas for apprenticeship wages include Northern Ireland, with an average salary of £24,318 per year, Central & Greater London, with an average salary per year of £21,879, and East Midlands, which has a yearly average of £19,616.

Are apprenticeships good pay?

Apprenticeship pay varies considerably across London boroughs: Level 2 pay ranges from £4.30 to £12.29. Level 3 pay ranges from £5.95 to £12.29. For higher level apprenticeships, the hourly rate ranges from £8.72 to £15.24.

Can you go to university with Level 3 apprenticeship?

As advanced apprenticeships are a Level 3 qualification, they carry UCAS points. Which means you can use them to apply for university.

Is apprenticeship always paid?

On the other hand, an internship is for undergraduate students where they learn specific skills and work experience required in a particular field or job, which may or may not be paid….Comparison Chart.

Basis for Comparison Apprenticeship Internship
Pay Always paid May or may not be paid
Orientation and Induction Yes No

Is the Google apprenticeship paid?

Google apprenticeships pay well and apprentices receive additional benefits and perks, similar to other Google employees. The salary is subject to the location and particular role. However, the average Google apprentice earns around $5,678 per month. This means that they could earn up to $60,000 per year.