Why was hunk in Raccoon City?

HUNK is the lone survivor of a USS fireteam sent into Raccoon City to confront Dr. William Birkin and his G-virus experiment. He first made his appearance in Resident Evil 2’s “4th Survivor” mode, a “mini-game” which detailed how he escaped the Raccoon City laboratory and escaped with the G-virus sample.

What is the Matilda handgun?

The Matilda Handgun is Leon Kennedy’s default weapon. It fires 9mm Handgun Ammo, and has a decent rate of fire with a standard clip size, and can be upgraded through Weapon Mods. It can only be obtained in Leon’s Story, and Second Story.

Is Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City Cannon?

Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City is canon, if you want it to be – Rely on Horror.

Should I upgrade broken butterfly?

Broken Butterfly is only Obviously better, after you give it it’s exclusive upgrade. Killer 7 though is easier to handle/use, shoots faster, reloads faster, in general the Broken Butterfly is the Bolt Rifle of the Magniums while the Killer 7 is like the Semi Auto.

What gun does Ada Wong use?

Ada Wong carries a Mauser HSc as her weapon of choice, known as the “Broom Hc” in-game, in place of the Browning Hi-Power Mark III she had in the original. Its power is rather anemic and has no upgrades. It holds 9 rounds of 9mm Handgun Ammo, which it never does in reality, but probably it seems to imply the .

How do you unlock Matilda?

The Matilda is a 5×2 handgun that’s unlocked after completing the main story once. The Matilda can be purchased from the Merchant on New Game Plus for 70,000 pesetas. While powerful, the Matilda is the single most expensive handgun in the game to upgrade and eats through Handgun Ammo faster than any other weapon.

Who do you play as in Raccoon City?

Eight classic Resident Evil characters are playable: Leon. S Kennedy; Jill Valentine; Hunk; Ada Wong; Claire Redfield; Nicholai Ginovaef, Carlos Oliveira and Lone Wolf. In Heroes Mode you play as the good or bad guys, fight the opposing team and defeat zombies and B.O.W.s while you’re at it.